June 13, 2005

Why we should refuse National ID Cards

some more reasons why you should refuse National ID Cards. Personally my reasons for opposing ID Cards is a very simple cost benefit analysis. I know how much it is going to cost, between £70 (the up front fee) and £300 (the upfront fee, plus the amount that I'm going to pay indirectly through tax) every five years. Well that is the cost at the moment, before the cost overruns and delays.

But what do I get out of it? I know what the government gets out of it, more control over me and greater powers to check what I'm doing at any time. But what do I get out of it? My passport lets me get into other countries, and is therefore useful to me. My driving licence shows that I've been trained to pilot a ton on mechanised death across this small and crowded island, which is again useful. But what to I get from an ID Card, all it does it say I'm me. Well I know that I'm me. I've been me for quite some time, I've lots of practice and can safely say that I'm the person best at being me that I know of. Of course once the ID Cards come in the resultant spait of identity thieft may mean that there are in fact plenty of people better at being me than me, but at the moment I'm top banana as far as being me is concerned.

So what do I get out of it? The removal of some pesky civil liberties and the knowledge that I am safe under the watchful gaze of our great and dear leader The Tyrant Blair? Yeah that's about it.


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